Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and CE Mark

ER20 NRR ChartNoise Reduction Rating (NRR) is required by the US Environmental Protection Agency for all non-custom earplugs. 

  • The NRR is based on a formula that estimates the minimum amount of noise reduction achieved by 98% of laboratory subjects.
  • The NRR formula includes a numerical adjustment for individual variability and for persons who do not wear hearing protection as instructed.
  • Most available hearing protectors not only muffle the high frequencies, but may also provide too much protection. As a result, many persons who are required to wear hearing protectors put them in only part way, or alter the plugs so they can still hear speech and environmental sounds.
  • ETY•Plugs provide approximately 20 dB sound reduction across frequencies when used correctly.
  • The NRR for ETY•Plugs is 12 dB, which underestimates the true effectiveness of these earplugs. Clinical measurements show that properly inserted ETY•Plugs provide an average of 20 dB sound reduction across frequencies in real ears.

CE 1437CE Mark is a mandatory conformance mark in the European Economic Area, which certifies that a product has met EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements.

  • Both sizes of ETY•Plugs have the CE Mark.
  • Etymotic’s CE Mark may be used by distributors and resellers of this product if the information is reproduced exactly as specified by Etymotic Research.
  • Translations of this information are permitted. 

ETY•Plugs CE chart 
H: Average attenuation characteristics in the high frequency spectrum (> 2 kHz) 
M: Average attenuation characteristics in the mid frequency spectrum (0.5-2 kHz) 
L: Average attenuation characteristics in the low frequency spectrum (<0.5 kHz)

APV (Assumed Protection Value): Europe 
SNR (Single Number Rating): Average attenuation characteristics in the standard frequency spectrum

European Union testing conducted by: CIOP-PIB No.1437, Warsaw, Poland.
Attenuation was determined in accordance with EN352-2:2002.

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