Out-of-Warranty & Special Purchase Options

Due to the manufacturing process, Etymotic earphone and headset products cannot be repaired, with the exception of the ER-4 MicroPro series earphones, electronic earplugs and personal sound amplifiers. When products are out of warranty they will no longer be replaced in accordance with Etymotic's warranty policy.

If your product is out of warranty, check whether the issue is device related or if you simply need to replace filter(s).

Special Purchase Option

Etymotic has a special purchase program for out-of-warranty earphone and headset products.

  • To qualify for reduced prices, your product must be returned to Etymotic.
  • Customer-damaged or modified products that are not covered under Etymotic's warranty policy are eligible for the Special Purchase Option.
  • All purchases are new stock. No products have been opened, pre-owned or reconditioned. Please note that the discount code is valid for 30-days from date of issuance.
  • Once we receive your product, we will send you an email with a discount code to use at checkout on www.etymotic.com. The discount will automatically be applied.
  • It is not necessary to re-purchase the same product you currently own.

To purchase a new product, complete the form below. A valid email address is required.

Prices effective May 1, 2017

ER•4 earphones (ER•4B, ER•4PT, ER•4S) owners may upgrade to the NEW ER4SR or ER4XR through the ER4 Upgrade program. Learn More

ER3SE/XR earphones $125.00
NEW ER4 earphones (ER4SR, ER4XR)       $275.00
ER•4 earphones (ER•4B, ER•4PT, ER•4S)           $209.30
hf5 earphones $69.30
mc5 earphones $45.46
mk5 earphones $45.46
HD5 HD-Safety earphones $45.46
ETY•Kids5 earphones $31.46
hf3 headset + earphones $83.30
mc3 headset + earphones $59.46
HD3 HD-Safety headset + earphones $59.46
ETY•Kids3 headset + earphones $38.46
etyBLU2 Bluetooth headset $69.30
HD•15 Electronic Earplugs $209.30
MP•9-15 MusicPRO Electronic Earplugs $209.30
GSP•15 Electronic Earplugs $209.30
EB•15LE Electronic Earplugs $209.30
QSA BEAN (single) $149.80
QSA BEAN (pair) $279.30
QSA BEAN T-coil (single) $174.30
QSA BEAN T-coil (pair) $307.30

Shipping charges

Shipping charges and tax apply (where applicable).

Shipping is calculated by UPS based on shipping from Etymotic Research (Zip Code 60007) to the delivery address on the order. All available shipping options for your order are presented in the cart. Actual delivery times are at the discretion of UPS. Tracking information from UPS will be emailed to the email address listed on the order when the order is shipped. You are responsible for Customs Fees which are not included in the shipping charges. Etymotic Research does not have control over these charges and cannot estimate what they may be.

Special Purchase Option Return Form