AWARENESS!® for Etymotic

Etymotic discontinued support of the AWARENESS!® for Etymotic App in December 2014.

The AWARENESS!® for Etymotic App was developed as a free app for Etymotic Earphones + Headset line of products. The AWARENESS!® App was developed for iOS and Android devices, but the Android development environment limited device compatibility (one phone and one tablet) and was discontinued. The developer may renew Android development in the future. Check the Essency site for updates.

You may still purchase the AWARENESS!® app from Essency in the Apple App Store. The free version no longer supports activation with a registration.

Existing iOS installation of the AWARENESS!® for Etymotic App will continue to function, but will not activate on new devices. A possible workaround may be to restore an older Activated iOS device's settings to a new iOS device. Existing iOS installations may not be compatible with future iOS operating system updates.

For all questions regarding AWARENESS!® for Etymotic support contact Essency.