Etymotic's Hear For A Lifetime® Program is multi-faceted. Components comprise Education, which includes providing videos, posters, articles and other materials to assist music educators, classroom teachers and hearing professionals; Advocacy, which promotes awareness of hearing loss prevention through exhibits at music education events; Earplug Discount Program, available to all enrolled member bands; Legislative Initiative to promote required hearing protection in school music programs; and Community Outreach.

and give the gift of hearing

Spread the message of Generation HEAR.
Outfit your favorite musicians with the
right information and the best earplugs.
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Generation Hear
Extended interviews with professional
musicians, audiologists and others
featured in the Generation HEAR video
provide deeper insight into why
hearing protection is critical
to a career in music.

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Voices of Generation Hear

Voices of Generation HEAR

Advice and insights from dedicated
musicians, music educators and audiologists
working to create a generation free of
noise-induced hearing loss.

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Gone In 60 Seconds Flat

60 Seconds Flat

In just 60 seconds, learn how
sound damages your hearing.

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Slide Rule


The ETYMOTIC Sound Rule will help
you understand when loud noise
puts your hearing at risk.

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Dangerous Decibels

Dangerous Decibels

A public health campaign designed
to reduce Noise Induced Hearing
Loss and tinnitus

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Hear for a Lifetime Video

Voices of Generation Hear

Performing with Plugs

Susan Voelz is a Grammy Award-nominated vocalist, violinist, and composer and member of the alternative rock band, Poi Dog Pondering. A rock-violin instructor, she has also worked with a long list of famous musicians. Susan discusses the importance hearing protection as a key component of her long and successful career.

Hearing Protection Retrospective

Audiologist Dr. Marshall Chasin, AuD is Director of Auditory Research at the Musicians' Clinics in Toronto and author of several books, including "Musicians and the Prevention of Hearing Loss." Dr. Chasin discusses the music industry's move towards more hearing protection.

Deaf to Advice

Carolynn Travis was born with perfect hearing but is now legally deaf. A former dance club
disc jockey, Ms. Travis ignored advice to wear earplugs. Her experience, and advice, is
shared here.

Hear for a Lifetime 2009

Hear for a Lifetime - is a comprehensive instructional program that details how overexposure to unsafe sound levels can damage hearing. The program is based on a lecture by Dr. Mead Killion, founder of Etymotic Research.

60 Seconds Flat Video