High-Frequency Filtered (HFE) and Low-Pass (HFE-LP) Lists

Data on patients with ski-slope hearing loss indicate some of these individuals benefit from extended high frequency amplification (full bandwidth response), while others perform poorer with a full bandwidth response.

HFE recordings

  • High frequency emphasis was added to the QuickSIN recordings using the gain values prescribed by the FIG6 fitting formula for 65 dB inputs, using an audiogram with a 60-70 dB ski-slope loss.

HFE-LP recordings

  • The HFE-LP recordings were generated by low-pass filtering the HFE recordings with a brickwall filter set at 2.5 kHz.

Prescribed Gain For Conversational Speech

By comparing the results obtained with the HFE and HFE-LP lists, it may be possible to determine whether or not extended high frequency amplification is useful for an individual having a ski-slope hearing loss. For a test accurate to 1.9 dB, four HFE lists and four HFE-LP lists are required.

For more detailed information, see the QuickSIN Manual.

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