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ero-scan pro seniorIn 1985 Etymotic Research, developed the ER-7 probe microphone system for auditory research. This product lead to the development of a series of low-noise microphones that proved to be invaluable in the continued research and measurement of the newly-discovered emissions emanating from the cochlea. The ER-10 Lo-Noise™ Microphone, first in this series of OAE microphones, was released in 1986 and followed closely by the ER-10B Baby Lo-Noise™ Microphone in 1988 giving researchers the tools necessary for OAE research. Reflecting increased interest in the measurement of otoacoustic emissions, Etymotic Research began selling complete systems which included the ER-10B Lo-Noise Microphone, ER-2 earphones and DSP boards in 1990. The design of the ER10C clinical otoacoustic emissions probe microphone system was completed in 1993. The FDA approved the 510k submission for CUBeDIS, (called CUBDIS™ by Etymotic) a research distortion-product analyzer developed by Allen, Jeng and others. These events were significant, as they were the precursors of the ERO•SCAN® OAE Test System.

ERO•SCAN® Pro OAE and Impedance Test System

Tympanometry is the objective measurement of middle ear mobility (compliance) and pressure within the middle ear system.

In 2008 Etymotic Research and MAICO Diagnostics introduced the ERO•SCAN Pro system, which at the time of its release was the only handheld system for measuring both OAEs and tympanometry with a single probe. The use of linked protocols allows users to complete OAEs and tympanometry testing in as little as 20 seconds per ear. The ERO•SCAN Pro, like the first generation ERO•SCAN, has an intuitive interface for fast, easy operation, but new to this generation are advanced diagnostic capabilities and customization options.

Acoustic Reflexes

The stapedial reflex measurement reflects changing compliance caused by contraction of the stapedius muscle in the middle ear.

ero-scan proWith the addition of stapedial reflex measurements in 2012, the ERO•SCAN Pro is now a powerful screening and diagnostic tool. Tympanometry provides a snapshot of middle ear status. Otoacoustic emissions (in the presence of normal middle ear function) provide information regarding the health of the outer hair cells of the cochlea. Acoustic reflex measurements measure the function of the inner hair cells and neural pathways to the point of the lower brainstem. Thus, a detailed picture of the auditory system can be painted with one probe fitting and a single button press.

D. Helmink, Au.D.
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