Microphone For KEMAR®
Microphone for Kemar®
  • 1/2" microphone for the DB-100 Zwislocki Coupler used in KEMAR and for insert earphone measurements
  • For binaural measurement of diffuse fields, hearing aids, and all types of earphones
  • DFI filter provides spectrally-correct KEMAR recordings for traditional loudspeakers and earphones designed to produce a 15 dB response maximum at 2.8 kHz at the eardrum
  • Flat filter provides spectrally correct KEMAR recordings for earphones such as the ER•2 that have a flat eardrum pressure frequency response
  • Facilitates measurement of insertion gain of hearing aids and field-referenced response of earphones.
  • Used to make listening test comparisons among hearing aids and directional/omni directional microphones
System Includes
  • 1/2" microphone and cable assembly
  • Pre-amplifier with switchable flat/DFI filter
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