Insert Earphones For Research
  • Flat frequency response referenced to the sound field
  • 70+ dB isolation between ears: reduces the need for masking
  • Eliminates collapsed ear canal problem
  • 30+ dB external noise exclusion
The ER•1 was designed to imitate the normal resonance of the open ear, and is used for speech audiometry where the goal is to reproduce the same frequency response at the eardrum for speech as would be produced in the live situation.

System Includes

  • Earphones
  • Dual-mono 7' cable assembly
  • 50 foam eartips (regular, 13 mm)
  • 10 foam eartips (baby, 10 mm)
  • 2 Single Use EartipsTM adapters with tubing
  • 4 front tube replacements
  • Velcro clips
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