Educational Materials
Educational Materials
Etymotic Research Library, Volume 1
CD compiled by Darrell Rose, Ph.D.
Technical articles, book chapters and other reference materials. Many historical references and out-of-print classics from the field of audiology and hearing science.
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Acoustics, Audition and Speech Reception (Ling_Video)
Daniel Ling, Ph.D.
Administration and interpretation of the Six-Sound Test, acoustics of the vocal tract, acoustics of speech, simulations of hearing impairment, earmold acoustics, gain and output in hearing aids.
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Hair cells and hearing aids (audio CD)
Mead C. Killion, Ph.D.
Contents: Demonstrations of: Tartini tones, occlusion effect, high fidelity vs. low fidelity in hearing aids, effect of filtering on the Articulation Index. Simulation of severe high frequency hearing loss with two hearing aids. Jazz piano (Berlin and Killion) on the remaining tracks. Includes reprint of "Talking Hair Cells" published in Hair Cells and Hearing Aids, Charles Berlin, Ph.D., Editor, Singular
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Acoustics for Audiologists (Villchur book)
Edgar Villchur, M.S.ed., (Singular Press)
Theoretical and practical information for clinical audiologists and hearing instrument specialists. Deals with the physical principles that underlie the design and fitting of hearing aids. Paperback
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Hearing Aids Who Needs them?
David P. Pascoe, Ph.D.
Written for consumers. Compilation of thousands of hours of counseling. Clear, highly readable; large print. Paperback
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Real-World Performance of Directional Microphones CD
Etymotic Research, Inc.
Comparisons of omni directional and directional microphones in a variety of different listening conditions, several blocks (filtered and non-filtered) from the SIN Test. Reprints from related journal articles included.
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