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DJ Richie Don

DJ Richie Don



DJ Richie Don is more than just another open format 'DJ.' He energetically mixes, technically scratches, precisely chops, fades and cuts tracks together seamlessly, creating an unrivaled atmosphere at each and every performance.

He has played or showcased for some the biggest festival, radio and club brands in the world such as: Space, Pacha, Ministry of Sound, MTV, Deltic Group, iTunes, Kenwood, Pioneer, Kicker, UDG, Stanton, Denon, DC Shoes, Vibe Audio, Serato, Sennheiser and Rane.

He has appeared in such magazines as Max Power, Redline, Nuts, Fast Car, Zoo and DJ Mag, and has been featured on TV and radio on BBC1, Men & Motors, MTV, TMF, MTV Africa, Dave and Channel 5 for the UK version of 'Pimp My Ride,' Kiss FM, Radio 1 & 1xtra with residencies on Funky FM, Force FM, Delight FM, Lush FM and Renegade FM.

"As an international DJ working 3-5 nights per week, sound and size are two of the most important factors when I choose my equipment. For years I used bulky, over the ear headphones on tour. Etymotic mk5's are great for both mixing and recreational use. They've got a deep dynamic bass response, incredible mid to top range, and excellent noise isolation that cuts out the unnecessary 'noise' while letting you hear the sounds you desire. With the handy travel pouch, (Etymotic's) mk5's are my full time travel companion. Whether I'm performing for a crowd of 5,000 at a festival, traveling by plane, in the gym or simply reviewing the latest promo releases, they do each and every job perfectly.

Etymotic mk5's really do have all the key features required: clarity, comfort, reliability, durability and practicality!"

DJ Richie Don