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Andrew J. Lyon

Andrew J. Lyon



Through his creative programming and enthusiasm for engaging audiences and musicians of all ages, Andrew J. Lyon has quickly built a reputation as an exciting conductor with an eye on the future of the orchestras and repertoire. Since 2006, Lyon's concerts have included the premiere performances of over 20 works, establishing himself as one of contemporary orchestral music's strongest proponent. Recent podium highlights for Lyon have included working with Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, members of the Berlin Philharmonic at the Conductors Lab in Aix-en-Provence, renowned conductor Marin Alsop at the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, The Great Noise Ensemble, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, and the Lyatoshinsky Chamber Orchestra of Kiev, Ukraine.

In 2008, Lyon created the Circle City Chamber Group - a groundbreaking arts organization that brings together the best of Indianapolis' visual, culinary, and musical artists, for an all- inclusive arts experience. His enthusiasm for music and community lead to an appointment as the Artistic & Music Director position for The 65th Street Klezmorim, Indianapolis' premiere klezmer ensemble.

As a saxophonist, Lyon has played with countless ensembles and artists across the country, including Marvin Hamlish, Marvin Stamm, Tommy Tune, Steve Rushingwind, the Grammy-nominated UNLV Jazz Ensemble, Governor Davis & The Blues Ambassadors, and many more.

Along with his work on stage, Lyon also serves as a marketing, development, and administrative consultant for a wide variety of artists, ensembles, festivals, non- and for-profit organizations, both in the U.S. and abroad.

"I've been wearing Etymotic's Musicians Earplugs for about 20 years now and have loved every second of it. Whether it was on stage with a band, or during my days as a bouncer in some of the biggest and loudest bars and nightclubs in the country, I always had my Musicians Earplugs with me. Today, I keep an ER-20XS in my pocket at all times, and extra sets of ETY-Plugs in my car for friends. Whenever the topic of ears comes up, I always brag about Etymotic. The incredible staff keeps outdoing themselves with more lines of great high-quality products-the mark of a company that truly listens to its customer base and knows what we need in the real world. My hearing is my life, so seeing Etymotic's constant strive for perfection and excellence lets me know my ears are in the right hands."