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Bradd Kidd Jr.

Bradd Kidd Jr.

National Sporting Clays Champion


Professional sporting clays shooter Brad Kidd Jr. began his career at age 9 when he met Scott Downs, an All-American and former Junior National Sporting Clays champion. Then, in 1993, Brad took his first shooting lesson from Dan Carlisle. His shooting continued to improve and Brad went on to win 3 US Opens, 2 National Championships and a World Championship in the Junior category by the age of 16. Brad took a career break for a few years, but with the help of friends like Anthony Matarese, Cory Kruse, Zach Kienbaum, and his former coach Dan Carlisle, Brad climbed back to the top of the ranks. In 2010, Brad added another National title to his resume and then lead team USA to gold in two World Championships in 2011 and 2013.

"The GunSportPRO electronic earplugs are a must have for any avid shooter or hunter. To be able to hear everything so clearly and still protect your hearing is a huge advantage and convenience both in the field and at the shooting range. The array of eartips make them a perfect and comfortable fit for every person man, woman, or child!"
Gary Finch

Gary Finch

Professional Outdoorsman, TV Host


Gary Finch is a professional outdoorsman from Fairhope, AL. He is host of the syndicated outdoor program "Gary Finch Outdoors," seen weekly on WEAR ABC 3 in Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL and WTVY CBS 4 in the Dothan/Panama City, as well as other regional cable stations. The Gary Finch Outdoors program has run continuously for over 27 years. Finch has written over 350 articles targeting young people on proper safety and conservation while enjoying the great outdoors. He is a frequent speaker at seminars on promoting and improving fishing techniques.

He is a member of both the Outdoor Writer's Association of America (OWAA) and the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association, (SEOPA). Gary also serves on several boards, including the Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation and is a trustee of the Islands of Perdido, and is active in the Elks, Boy Scouts of America, and Rotary Club.

"My Etymotic GunSport-PRO electronic earplugs are amazing. I don't load any type of gun unless I am wearing them. It's the only way to enjoy shooting and hunting while both protecting your hearing and enhancing your experience. I have spent the last 28 years being an outdoor television show host, and these have now become a very important part of my routine. Shooting and hunting should not be done without using Etymotic GunSport-PRO earplugs!: YouTube - Etymotic GunSport Pros"

Gary Finch Outdoors
Kenda Lenseigne

Kenda Lenseigne

World Champion Cowboy Mounted Shooter


Kenda has spent her life on the back of a horse. She started competing at age four and continued all throughout her childhood in both Western and English disciplines. After an apprenticeship in Texas with some of the country's top cutting horse trainers, she was introduced to the sport of mounted shooting in California, where she qualified for the World Championship after only her 4th competition. Since those early days, she's developed a reputation as an accomplished trainer of both horses and people, won just about everything there is to win in the competitive arena and cultivated a thriving business dedicated to introducing others to her sport.

Her proudest accomplishment remains winning the title of Overall World Champion, becoming the first woman to best her male competitors. She did this riding Justin, a former trail horse that she nurtured from scratch, building him into a phenomenal equine athlete. Kenda's business is based in Arizona, which allows her to offer training year-round.

"The GunSportPROs are really cool electronic earplugs that make it easy to hear a conversation, while canceling out noise when gunfire is present. I find them especially useful in an indoor arena during my cowboy mounted shooting competitions. They have a 25 dB noise reduction rating and come with a variety of ear tips for a customized fit!"
Knox Williams

Knox Williams

President & Executive Director of American Suppressor Association


At an early age, Knox Williams discovered his passion for hunting and the shooting sports. As the son of an audiologist, Knox grew up understanding the importance of proper hearing protection while shooting, both at the range and in the field. However, that didn't stop him from refusing to wear hearing protection on his first deer hunt as a child. Three days later, once his ears finally stopped ringing, he promised himself that he would never make that same mistake again.

Knox began his professional career in the suppressor industry when he went to work for Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) in 2009. While there, he helped conceptualize and form the American Suppressor Association (ASA), a non-profit trade association which represents firearm suppressor manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and consumers. He has remained involved with ASA since day one, and eventually transitioned into a full time role running the association. Despite common misconceptions, suppressors are not silent. They are simply mufflers for firearms, which reduce the peak decibel level of a firearm by an average of 20 to 35 dB.

"My entire professional career has focused on expanding opportunities for hunters and shooters to protect their hearing through the use of non-traditional hearing protection. Most shooters know that they need to wear hearing protection at the range, but refuse to in the field because they want to be able to hear their surroundings. I knew the risks, yet I still chose not to wear hearing protection when I shot my first deer with my .30-06 rifle because I didn't want to take them out of my pocket and spook the deer. My hearing has never been the same.

When I wore a pair of the Etymotic GunSportPRO earplugs for the first time, I knew that I'd found a winner. Unlike other electronic HPD's on the market, the GunSportPRO gave me the sound detection AND localization that I was looking for. When I wear them on hunts, I not only know that there are animals around, I know where they are because I can still localize sound. Simply put, they're the best I've ever used."

The American Suppressor Association
SSG Sergio Hernandez

SSG Sergio Hernandez

Staff Sargeant


Staff Sargeant Sergio Hernandez joined the U.S. Army June 20th 1999 and attended Basic Combat training at Fort Benning, GA. He has been stationed at Mccully Barrack's Germany, Fort Irwin CA, Fort Lewis WA, Fort Jackson SC and is currently stationed at Fort Stewart GA. He has had four deployments: Iraq 2003, Iraq 2004, Afghanistan 2007, and Afghanistan 2010. He started competing in USPSA in 2013 and switched to 3 Gun competition in 2014. SSG Hernandez competes for the love of the sport and to honor the memories of the fallen. He is currently in year two of 3 Gun and his ultimate long-term goal is make it to the Pro-Am shoot-off.

"I have been using Etymotic's GunSportPRO's for over three years now. I can honestly say that these earplugs are the best hearing protection money can buy. The ability to hear what's going on around me while shooting is immensely helpful. I've used the plugs in inclement weather, and they have stood up to anything Mother Nature has thrown at them. I have also accidentally run these through the washer and dryer three times and they still work! For the price of these earplugs, you can't go wrong."