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SSG Sergio Hernandez

SSG Sergio Hernandez

Staff Sargeant


Staff Sargeant Sergio Hernandez joined the U.S. Army June 20th 1999 and attended Basic Combat training at Fort Benning, GA. He has been stationed at Mccully Barrack's Germany, Fort Irwin CA, Fort Lewis WA, Fort Jackson SC and is currently stationed at Fort Stewart GA. He has had four deployments: Iraq 2003, Iraq 2004, Afghanistan 2007, and Afghanistan 2010. He started competing in USPSA in 2013 and switched to 3 Gun competition in 2014. SSG Hernandez competes for the love of the sport and to honor the memories of the fallen. He is currently in year two of 3 Gun and his ultimate long-term goal is make it to the Pro-Am shoot-off.

"I have been using Etymotic's GunSportPRO's for over three years now. I can honestly say that these earplugs are the best hearing protection money can buy. The ability to hear what's going on around me while shooting is immensely helpful. I've used the plugs in inclement weather, and they have stood up to anything Mother Nature has thrown at them. I have also accidentally run these through the washer and dryer three times and they still work! For the price of these earplugs, you can't go wrong."