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Brent Paschke

Brent Paschke

Guitarist, Producer, Engineer


Drummer, producer and engineer Brent Paschke has written, produced and played on some of the most influential rock and pop records of this generation. Using his unique talent to cross genres and deliver a product that spans the entire musical spectrum, Paschke has worked with everyone from Pharrell, Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani, to Ryan Leslie and Ne-Yo. Paschke is most noted as one of the founding members of the Star Trak/Neptunes signed band Spymob and the guy behind all guitars on all N.E.R.D. In Search Of... Built strongly on the undeniable talent making him one of the strongest guitarist in the game, Brent Paschke's passion and versatility allows him to be an impressive triple threat in the studio - covering writing, producing and playing. Brent currently lives in Los Angeles and works with some of the biggest major label musicians in the industry.

"I love using the MusicPROs to check out music and other bands before our set. Having a professional set of attenuating ear plugs for this purpose is great. Using them when I'm walking around the venue and at times in close proximity to the speakers is a big plus in my book. The MusicPROs have also been great when placing mics on loud guitar cabs in the studio. Through the years, I've found that this is hardest on my ears. With the MusicPROs, I can get into the booth and adjust mics without my ears taking a beating."

Brent Paschke