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Mark Weinberg

Mark Weinberg

Songwriter, Producer - "Come on Get Higher," "Inside of You," Some Mad Hope, Modern Love


Mark Weinberg is an award winning, LA-based songwriter and producer. An ASCAP writer since 1995, Mark has been signed to Qwest/Warner Bros., Atlantic Records, Warner Chappell Music Publishing and is currently a writer with EMI Music Publishing. He co-wrote and produced Matt Nathanson's records Beneath These Fireworks, Some Mad Hope and Modern Love. Mark has also written and produced for the likes of Tristan Prettyman, Sugarland, Donovan Frankenreiter, Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers, Tyler Hilton and The Maine "Inside of You."

"I thought the hf5 earphones did a great job at isolating the sound in a noisy room. It allowed for a great listening experience. I would use them again in any situation."