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Hear for a Lifetime®
Hear Better, Play Better
Be part of a new generation of musicians who are learning how to protect their most important asset.

Etymotic Research is proud to announce a new Hear For A Lifetime educational video called GENERATION HEAR, produced for music educators to use in the classroom, musicians, parents and anyone committed to preserving musicians’ most precious asset—hearing.

GENERATION HEAR features inspiring personal stories, the science behind noise-induced hearing loss, and useful information about hearing health.

“After loud intense rehearsals, my ears would ring for a while, but then it would stop. Thirty-two years later, the ears ring and it doesn’t stop.”
Dr. Charles Menghini, President, VanderCook College
“I’m going to be around music my whole life and I would hate to have my career end because I can’t hear anymore.”
Joe Kulick, music education major; Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps
“Nobody mentioned to us that my son needed hearing protection. What was really shocking to me was that it’s not just the percussion, it’s all the instruments.
Kathleen Kulick, parent of a student musician
“When I would tell a band member to turn down the level, they would say, ‘Well just turn it up if you can’t hear yourself.’ It’s not that I need more volume of me, I need less volume to hear more.”
Susan Voelz, rock violinist Poi Dog Pondering.
“As a band director, I feel it is part of our job to promote healthy life choices and healthy lifestyles in their teenage years all the way through adulthood. Using proper hearing protection is one of those healthy life choices.”
Branden Estes, Music Director

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