K-AMP Hearing Aids: Advanced in Their Simplicity

The ONLY Single-Channel Circuit With The
Performance Of A Multi-Band Compressor

The K-AMP Circuit and Musical Performance
A very important part of the performance of high-fidelity hearing aids is undistorted amplification of intense sound. Choral work, piano, live symphony concerts, wind noise, or even a spoon dropped on a plate can all generate sounds peaking between 95 and 105 dB SPL. Performing musicians are often exposed to peak sound levels up to 115 dB SPL from their own and others' instruments, but many hearing aid circuits are designed to operate without distortion only up to inputs of 85 or 90 dB SPL. Typical K-AMP hearing aids can operate distortion-free for inputs up to 115 dB SPL instantaneous peak, so they will not audibly distort during a live performance even if worn by the performer. Several members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra wear K-AMP hearing aids full time.

Audibility Still Rules
Hearing aid engineers now know that attempts to reject noise by filtering it out decrease speech intelligibility. The K-AMP circuit maximizes the clarity of speech by automatically applying the appropriate gain and treble boost for each listening level so that all speech sounds will be made audible. For persons with high frequency hearing loss, this treble increase at low levels (TILL) combined with wide bandwidth and low distortion provides the best intelligibility in noise and most natural frequency response in the greatest number of real-world listening conditions.

Programmable K-AMPs
The advantages of programmability are fitting flexibility for the dispenser and convenience for the hearing aid user. Adjustments can be made without the necessity of factory modification.

Programmable K-AMP circuits are compatible with NOAH/HI-PRO, which gives dispensers greater flexibility in adjusting overall gain, LF cut, and TK. Fixed Frequency Response (FFR), Loudness Boost (LB) and Compression Ratio (CR) controls are standard features on the programmable chip.

Conventional K-AMPs
Non-programmable K-AMPs can do virtually everything the programmable K-AMP can do, at a substantially lower cost, but with less flexibility.

Special Features

  • Continuously-variable recovery time:
    There is instant recovery from hand claps, door slams or other sudden bursts of noise, but slower recovery for sustained loud sounds. This feature significantly improves speech understanding in noisy environments, because the hearing aids are never "off-the-air."
  • Low Battery Warning Signal:
    LOBAT™ - A quiet, low "motorboating" sound alerts the user that the battery needs to be replaced. For a decade, K-AMP hearing aid users have greatly appreciated knowing in advance that a battery was going to die and could change it at their convenience.

Additional Features

  • Multi-band compressor function in a simple, yet sophisticated single-channel circuit
  • Level-dependent frequency response, with TILL
  • A built-in pre-amp makes it unnecessary to increase the volume when using a telecoil
  • Class D Output
  • No other hearing aid exceeds the headroom (maximum input SPL without distortion) of the K-AMP. Most circuits are 10-20 dB lower.
  • The best circuit choice for performing musicians because it can handle inputs up to 110 dB SPL without distortion
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