Advanced Digital Technology From Etymotic Research, Inc.
Digi-K is a digital hearing aid circuit with the widest bandwidth available today, extending up to 16 kHz (most digital aids amplify only to 6 kHz). Digi-K's proprietary electronic peak smoothing improves fidelity and results in a natural sound quality, and the highest real-ear response accuracy of any hearing aid on the market.

In Blind Listening Tests:*

  • Digi-K rated highest in fidelity (best sound quality)
  • Digi-K rated highest in dollar value
In Surround-Sound Tests:*
  • Digi-K provided the highest intelligibility in noise
Digi-K Users Often Report:
  • "Everything sounds so natural."
  • "This is what it sounded like before I had a hearing loss."
  • "My own voice sounds normal to me."
  • "I'm hearing sounds I haven't heard in years."
*Data Available Upon Request.
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