Digi-K Circuit Features
  • 16 kHz bandwidth: provides a full-fidelity response
  • Patented electronic damping: smooths the response for the most natural sound quality
  • High headroom: undistorted reproduction of live music when programmed for maximum headroom (more than 110 dB SPL)
  • Four bands of frequency-response shaping; two channels of compression
  • User-friendly software: can be used as Stand Alone or with Noah 2 & 3
Programmable Features
  • Up to four memories
  • Programmable reserve gain for aids with volume controls
  • Programmable memory tones (frequency and intensity)
  • LFC (low frequency cut): increase or decrease LF response
  • HF EQ (high-frequency equalization): increase or decrease high frequency response
  • TK (threshold knee): sets the gain for soft sounds
  • LB (loudness boost): sets the gain for very loud sounds
  • CF (crossover frequency): three adjustable crossover frequencies for response shaping
  • HF Cut (high frequency cut): reduces gain in band 4 only
  • Band Gains: allows adjustment of gain for soft and loud sounds in four bands
  • Compression Ratio: adjustable from 1:1 to 3:1 in four bands, using band gain controls
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