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etyBLU2 - Best-in-Class Combined Noise Reduction and Comfort
etyBLU2 headset
etyBLU2 User ManualSee User Manual for detailed operating instructions.
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The etyBLU2 headset delivers the clearest conversations on the market due to its ACCU•Noise Reduction™ Technology.

The patented technology in the etyBLU2 headset reduces noise by more than 30 dB at both the microphone and earphone, to provide the best speech intelligibility and conversational clarity of any headset at any price. Period.

  • Best speech clarity
    • High definition microphone with a close proximity boom ensures optimal speech clarity in all environments
  • Best sound quality
    • Designed with a high-output amplifier and a 8-mm neodymium driver for the clearest, most accurate sound quality and speech intelligibility
  • Best noise isolation
    • Noise is eliminated at the ear up to 98% ensuring the best listening experience for any Bluetooth headset on the market
    • An assortment of noise-isolating ACCU•Fit™ eartip options provide proper sealing of the ear canal
  • Best comfort
    • ACCU•Fit eartips provide not only the best seal, but also an extremely comfortable fit for all day use.
    • For the ultimate in personal comfort and fit, a CUSTOM•FIT mold provides the best retention and consistent positioning of the boom.
ACCU•Noise Reduction Technology>
  • ACCU•Talk™
    • Bi-directional noise-canceling microphone reduces noise by more than 30 dB
    • ACCU•Location™ flexible boom allows close proximity microphone location for optimal speech clarity in noisy environments
  • ACCU•Hear™
    • 35 dB - 42 dB of noise isolation depending on the ACCU•Fit eartip used
    • High-output amplifier with audiophile grade 8-mm neodymium driver for superior sound quality and speech intelligibility

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Ear Canal Opening: 6-9mm
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Micro-USB charging cable
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Earhook for etyBLU2
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Pairing varies by device
The etyBLU2 headset is discoverable for five minutes after Power On.
  • Turn the phone OFF and then back ON.
  • Turn on the mobile phone’s Bluetooth function.
  • Press and hold the Multi-Function Button (MFB) for 5 seconds.
  • The blue LED will flash rapidly when ready for pairing.The etyBLU2 stays in pairing mode for 5 minutes.
  • Activate the search for BT and/or audio devices on the phone
  • When the etyBLU2 is found, the phone will display “etyBLU2.” Scroll to it and press OK to confirm pairing.
  • If a passkey/password is requested, enter 0000.

Note: Bluetooth transmitter pairing varies. For best results, consult the user instructions
for the specific device being paired with the etyBLU2. Some mobile phones require a security setting change for automatic headset-phone pairing.

MultiPoint Pairing

How to setup the etyBLU2 for use with two Bluetooth devices at the same time (MultiPoint)
  • Multipoint is enabled by pressing the Silver MFB button and the Volume Down key at the same time and holding them down for at least one second. You'll hear a tone confirming that there has been a change.
  • Pair the etyBLU2 with the 1st phone. Then turn off the Bluetooth radio on that first phone.
  • Pair the etyBLU2 with the 2nd phone.
  • Turn the first phone's Bluetooth radio back on.
  • Turn the etyBLU2 off and back on. It should connect to both phones now. If it doesn't connect on one or both, try forcing the connection on the phone(s) that it isn't paired to.

Multipoint can be disabled by simultaneously pressing both the MFB and Volume Down key and holding them for less than a second.


The etyBLU2 headset comes with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
Charge the headset for at least one hour before first use.
Charging time from empty: 2-3 hours
80% charge: 1 hour

Charging with the USB connecter (included)

  • Plug the micro USB connector into the etyBLU2 headset as shown.
  • Plug USB end of the charging cable into a computer USB port.
  • The solid yellow LED will indicate that the headset is charging.
  • When charging is complete the yellow LED turns blue.


Important: Sound quality and noise isolation depend on a good eartip seal.
  • Carefully insert the earpiece while pulling up and out on the back of the ear.
  • Twist the earpiece while inserting until outside noise is blocked out.
  • Position the earpiece for best fit and comfort.
  • Bend the boom so the microphone is close to the mouth.

  • 3-flange eartip: Moistening eases insertion.
  • Foam eartip: Roll down or compress foam eartip before inserting. Hold the eartip in place for about 5 seconds while the foam expands to create a tight seal in the ear canal.
  • Glider eartip: Simply push into ear canal.


To avoid discomfort, remove the headset slowly with a twisting motion to gradually break the seal. Open jaw slightly to equalize pressure, because suction can occur when the eartip is removed.

Multi-Function Button (MFB)

Power ON PRESS the MFB for 4 seconds to Power On. Blue LED is solid for one second while powering ON. Blue LED blinks when the headset is ON.
Power OFF PRESS the MFB for 4 seconds to Power Off. Yellow LED is solid for one second then powers OFF.
Volume PRESS the Volume UP (+) and Volume DOWN (-) buttons on the side of the headset to increase or decrease volume. The exact number of volume levels is set and maintained by the phone.
Answer a Call PRESS the MFB once quickly (short press) to answer a call when phone rings.
End a Call PRESS the MFB once quickly (short press) to disconnect the call.
Reject a Call PRESS and HOLD the MFB (long press) for one second to reject an incoming call.

The following features depend on phone support:

Redial PRESS and HOLD the MFB (long press) for one second.
Voice Call PRESS the MFB quickly (short press) to make a voice call. Voice Call works when the unit is in standby.
Transfer a Call Double PRESS the MFB (two quick presses to the Handset less than one second) during a call.
Call Waiting
  • PRESS and HOLD the MFB (long press) for one second to put a call on hold to answer another
  • PRESS and HOLD the MFB (long press) for one second to switch between calls
  • PRESS the MFB quickly (short press) to end the current active call
  • DOUBLE PRESS to reject a call-waiting call
  • 3-Way Calling Add another caller: Depending on the call status, double press the MFB to add the held call to the conference.


    • Do not expose to extreme temperatures.
    • Avoid dropping and strong impact.
    • Leave eartip on the headset for shock protection.
    • Clean or replace eartips prior to use by others.

    Cleaning and Replacing Eartips

    Over time eartips may lose their elasticity. For best performance and retention, replace 3-flange eartips every 3-6 months. Replace foam and glider eartips regularly.

    To clean the 3-flange eartips:

    • Remove the eartip from the headset.
    • Clean with water and mild soap.
    • Dry the eartip before placing it back on the headset.

    Changing the Filter

    The earpiece in the etyBLU2 headset has a special filter that smoothes the frequency response and prevents earwax from entering the earphone. The filter is located at the end of the earphone and is visible when the eartip is removed. Change the filter if loudness decreases or the sound quality declines.

    Note: Filters are not reusable.


    Note: Use the tool to remove the filter.
    1. Remove eartip. 2. Insert tool into the filter. 3. Remove filter and discard.


    Note: Do not use the tool to replace the filter.
    4. Insert a new filter and press
        gently against a hard surface
        to secure it in place.
    5. Re-attach eartip.
    Frequency Response
    20 Hz - 15 kHz
    Frequency Range
    300 Hz - 3.5 kHz (telephone bandwidth)
    High-output 8-mm neodymium moving coil driver
    Noise Isolation
    35-42 dB
    User Replaceable ACCU•Filters™
    2 years
    CUSTOM•FIT Option
    Talk Time
    up to 7 hours
    Standby Time
    up to 100 hours
    Profiles 2.1 and 1.1 or later
    30 ft (10 meters)
    Multi-Point Capability
    Device Connectivity
    connects up to 8 devices
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    "et-im-oh-tik" true to the ear
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