ety8 In-The-Ear Bluetooth® Earphones
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iPod Models Supported

1st & 2nd generation Nanos and
5th generation iPods:

Volume adjustments can be made with:
• iPod controls and
R earphone controls
Note: The display on the iPod will show the adjustments made from the earphone.

ipod nano 2nd gen

iPod nano
2nd generation (aluminum)
2GB   4GB   8GB

ipod nano 1st gen iPod nano
1st generation
1GB   2GB   4GB
ipod 5th gen video iPod
5th generation (video)
30GB   60GB   80GB

1st generation mini and
4th generation iPods:

Volume adjustments can only be made using
the R earphone controls.

ipod 4th gen color iPod (color display)
4th generation
20GB   30GB   40GB   60GB
ipod 4th gen iPod
4th generation
20GB   40GB
ipod mini 1st gen iPod mini
1st generation
4GB   6GB

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