6i Isolator Earphones
Changing Filters

ETYMOTIC Isolator earphones have special filters that smooth the frequency response and prevent earwax from entering the earphones. These filters are located at the tip of the earphone and are visible when the eartip is removed. If the filters become clogged they should be replaced. A dirty filter will reduce earphone output. The frequency with which the filters need to be changed varies widely among users. The filters should be changed if the volume decreases or the sound quality declines.

To check: Remove the filter. If sound returns, insert a new filter.

Filter Removal Note: Once removed, the filters are not reusable.
rem1 rem2
1. Remove eartip. 2. Using the tool, push and twist until it grabs the filter. Pull filter straight out.
Filter Replacement
One pair of replacement filters has been provided with the 6i Isolator Earphones.
rep1 rep2
1. With fingers, place the filter into the earphone. Push it slowly until it snaps into place. 2. Attach eartip.
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