ER•4 MicroPro™ Series

ER•4 MicroPro Series
Can't decide between the ER•4PT and the ER•4S?
You have both with the adapter included with the ER•4PT.
ER•4P to ER•4S adapter cable
The inline adapter converts the response accuracy of the ER•4P or ER•4PT from 86% to 92%.

Cable: Converts ER•4P and ER•4PT
to ER•4S
BUY NOW - $49.00 Each
  • ACCU•Driver™ Technology
    • High performance, balanced-armature drivers are specified for a response accuracy of 86% or better.

Choose a Model

BUY NOW - $299.00 Pair

BUY NOW - $299.00 Pair

BUY NOW - $299.00 Pair

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