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ETY-COM - mobile phone wired headset
etyBLU2 headset
ETY-COM User ManualETY•COM 2.5 mm
See User Manual for detailed operating instructions.
ETY-COM 3.5 User ManualETY•COM 3.5 mm
See User Manual for detailed operating instructions.


Clear Communication

Etymotic combined its noise-isolating earphone and noise-canceling directional microphone technologies to produce the most technically advanced headset of its kind. The insert earphone optimizes sound quality and noise isolation, and the close-talking directional microphone allows you to speak softly for greater privacy. With the ETY•COM, clear two-way conversation is possible in very high levels of background noise.

Now available in two models
Original: 2.5 mm/3-conductor plug
  • Compatible with older mobile phones and many cordless phones
NEW: 3.5 mm/4-conductor plug
  • Compatible with the majority of smartphones, including iPhones except iPhone 4.
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Highest noise isolation of all headset earphones
  • Highest noise cancellation of all headset microphones
  • For use with mobile phones and cordless phones

ETY-COM VoIP Adapter
System Includes
  • ETY•COM headset
  • Assorted eartips
  • Replacement filter
  • Filter changing tool
  • Shirt clip
  • Pouch
  • Two windscreens (large and small)
  • VoIP adapter. The VoIP adapter has two standard 3.5 mm plugs with conventional color coding: pink for microphone and green for earphone jacks.

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Black Foam Eartips for ETY•COM
Ear Canal Opening: 8-13mm
BUY NOW - $14.00 5 Pairs

Small Frost 3-Flange Eartips
Ear Canal Opening: 7-11mm
BUY NOW - $14.00 5 Pairs

Glider Eartips
Ear Canal Opening: 8-11mm
BUY NOW - $14.00 3 Pairs

Gray 3-Flange Eartips
Ear Canal Opening: 8-13mm
BUY NOW - $14.00 5 Pairs

Gray 3-Flange Long Stem Eartips
Ear Canal Opening: 8-13mm
BUY NOW - $14.00 5 Pairs

VoIP Adapter for
ETY•COM 2.5 mm
BUY NOW - $3.00 Each

VoIP Adapter for
ETY•COM 3.5 mm
BUY NOW - $3.00 Each

Boom Mic Windscreens
BUY NOW - $1.75 Each

Filter Removal Tool
BUY NOW - $1.50 Each

Filter Removal Tool with 4 Filters
BUY NOW - $11.50 Each

Clear Filters
BUY NOW - $15.00 6/pkg

Shirt Clip
BUY NOW - $3.00 Each

Zippered Pouch
BUY NOW - $4.00 Each

Smartwrap Cord Winder
BUY NOW - $5.00 Each


Important things to know about the ETY•COM™ Headset:

For best results, it is essential that the earphone and the microphone are placed in the optimal position.

  • Eartip selection is critical to success with the headset. The ETY•COM comes with an assortment of eartips; select an eartip that allows the earphone to seal the ear canal. Moisten the eartip if necessary to ease insertion. The eartip should stay in position so the boom does not rotate downward during use.
  • The ETY•COM microphone is highly directional. It picks up your voice within a narrow range and rejects background noise coming from outside that range. To stay in this range, the boom should be bent so that the microphone is within 1/2 inch of your mouth; otherwise the microphone will reject your voice.

If the headset volume decreases or the sound quality declines, change the filter.


  • Do not expose to extreme temperatures.
  • Avoid dropping and strong impact.
  • Leave eartip on the headset for shock protection.
  • Clean or replace eartips prior to use by others.

Cleaning and Replacing Eartips

Over time eartips may lose their elasticity. For best performance and retention, replace 3-flange eartips every 3-6 months. Replace foam and glider eartips regularly.

To clean the 3-flange eartips:

  • Remove the eartip from the headset.
  • Clean with water and mild soap.
  • Dry the eartip before placing it back on the headset.

About the Filters

The ETY•COM has a special filter that smoothes the frequency response and prevents earwax from entering the earphone. The filter is located at the end of the headset and is visible when the eartip is removed. A dirty filter will reduce or block the headset output. The need to change filters varies widely among users.
1. Remove eartip 2. Remove filter with tool 3. Insert new filter provided
4. Gently press into place 5. Attach eartip

For complete instructions on use and care of the ETY-COM Headset, please see the user manual.

Exceptional Sound Quality

  • ETY•COM's high-fidelity earphone (similar to the ER•6 that is designed for accurate music reproduction) provides noticeably better sound quality than ordinary headsets.
  • Frequency response extends beyond the typical low-fidelity telephone bandwidth.
  • The headset smooths the peaks in the frequency response that ordinarily make sounds harsh and uncomfortable at loud volume levels.

Unsurpassed Noise Isolation

Provides the highest sound isolation of any mobile phone headset:

  • Noise reduction = 37 dB, averaged over octave frequencies from 124-8000 Hz.
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) = 24 dB with orange foam eartip, and NRR = 27 dB with new black foam eartip, as measured by independent E-A-R CAL Laboratory (Indianapolis, IN).
  • Allows only the audio from the caller to enter the ear.
Compare How You Hear Others
In quiet In high-level noise (86 dB SPL)
No background noise Ordinary handsfree headset ETY•COM Headset

Highly Directional, Noise-Canceling Microphone

  • The ETY•COM's highly directional microphone is positioned close to the mouth for best clarity and maximum rejection of background noise.
  • Up to 25 dB more noise rejection than boom mics that are not close to the mouth.
  • 4 to 11 dB greater noise rejection than other microphones in the same location.
  • Allows you to speak softly for greater privacy.
Compare How Others Hear You
In quiet In high-level noise (86 dB SPL)
No background noise Ordinary handsfree headset ETY•COM Headset
2.5 mm plug model
  • Compatible with many cordless phones (900 MHz and 2.4 GHz).
3.5 mm plug model
  • Works with the majority of
    smartphones that have a 3.5 mm/4-conductor socket.
  • Work with all iPhones except the iPhone 4.
4 ft. cord with 3-conductor 2.5mm plug
4 ft. cord with 4-conductor 3.5mm plug
User Replaceable ACCU•Filters™
1 year
1 year


Frequency Response
22 Hz - 12 kHz
High-performance balanced armature
Noise Isolation
35-42 dB
32 Ohms @ 1 kHz
Maximum Continuous Input
1 V
Sound Pressure Level @ 1 kHz
97 ±3 dB @ 0.1 V


Microphone Type
Directional electret
Close Talking Sensitivity
-46 ±3 dB dB re: 1 V/Pa @ 1 kHz (measured @ 15 mm from source)
Noise Rejection
10 dB (compared to an omnidirectional microphone at the same location)
Operating Voltage
1.0 V to 10.0 V

Windscreen Performance

ETY-COM Windscreen Performance

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