High-Fidelity Noise Isolating Earphones and Headsets

Etymotic Research invented in-ear earphone technology in 1984. Etymotic’s first insert earphones were designed for audiometric testing and auditory research. The first noise-isolating, high fidelity earphones to enter the consumer electronics market were the ER-4S and ER-4B in 1991, followed by the ER-4P in 1994. The ER-4 series is still winning premium awards almost two decades later.

High-Fidelity Noise Isolating Earphones


Etymotic's 5th generation in-ear earphone
  • hf5s use tuned acoustic-insert technology for the clearest, truest sound you can find
  • Comparable to the ER•4P

ER•4™ Series

The original in-ear reference earphone
  • For audiophiles, stage monitoring and recording engineers
  • Highest sound accuracy of all in-ear earphones

ER•6i Isolator™

Developed specifically for iPod
  • Lower cost than ER•4, with sound quality virtually indistinguishable from ER•4
  • Slight bass boost and increased output for use with all portable music devices


Wireless in-ear earphones
  • Now enjoy the freedom of wireless in-ear earphones and audio quality expected from Etymotic.
  • Optional adapter for older iPods

High-Fidelity Noise Isolating Headsets

hf2™ Headset + Earphones

Winner 2009 iPhone accessory of the year
  • In-line mic positioned close to the mouth for best clarity
  • One-button remote for call end/send and iPod track-forward control


Personalized hf2 Headset + Earphones
  • Unparalleled combination of sound quality and comfort
  • Available exclusively through Apple UK Retail Stores and the Apple UK Online Store


Noise-isolating headset with high-fidelity earphone and directional microphone
  • Both talker and listener can hear clearly in noise
  • 2.5 mm/3-contact standard plug
  • 3.5 mm adapter available for iPhone


Bluetooth noise-isolating headset
with removable boom
  • 20-25 dB greater noise rejection at the talker's mouth
  • Up to 7 hours talk time—100 hours standby
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