ER•4 MicroPRO Series Earphones

ER4PT Box and Contents


ER•4 MicroPRO Series Earphones within the 2-year warranty period will be repaired at no charge under the terms of the warranty policy.


Cables and transducers cannot be replaced by the user. All ER•4 earphones must be returned to Etymotic's Service Department for technical evaluation, electroacoustic measures, channel balancing and conformance certification.

Etymotic will replace cables and/or components and modify as needed to meet original factory specifications, match drivers to ±1dB, and provide a channel-matching compliance graph.

Service Fees

Includes testing, cleaning, new eartips, new filters and transducer replacement (one or both):
Cable replacement:
Transducer and cable replacement:

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Before you send in your earphones, CHECK THE FILTERS FIRST. Click here for info.

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