Custom•Fit Frequently Asked Questions

Since the CUSTOM•FIT Program began, there have been several changes. There may be out-of-date information on some websites, so please read the following Questions and Answers about the program.

1. Are CUSTOM•FIT molds a free upgrade?
A. No. Molds must be purchased.

2. I read on one website that the total cost for CUSTOM•FIT is $100. Is this true?
A. Your cost for CUSTOM•FIT earmolds depends on the prices and policies of the business where you purchase them. An appointment is necessary and fees vary, so call ahead for an appointment and ask the cost of custom molds for Etymotic products.

3. Where can I go for ear impressions?
A. You have two options:

Option A

  • Find a participating CUSTOM•FIT hearing professional.
  • Make an appointment for ear impressions.
  • Ask if they send your impressions to a participating earmold lab.

Option B

  • Find a hearing professional.
  • If the hearing professional does not work with one of Etymotic’s participating labs, make an appointment for the ear impressions only. Be sure to ask the fee for impressions.
  • Pay the hearing professional for your ear impressions.
  • Send your impressions to the earmold lab yourself. The procedure is explained here.

4. Do I have to pay the hearing professional for the finished custom earmolds?
A. Yes. You need to pay the professional who took your ear impressions and sent them to a participating earmold laboratory. Always find out what the charges are before you go.

If you experience any difficulty with the CUSTOM•FIT process, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Dept. at 888-389-6684 or Contact Us for assistance.