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The Etymotic Hearing Solutions Provider Network is comprised of practitioners and companies dedicated to providing products and services that are complementary to the Etymotic hearing wellness mission.

  • Licensed hearing professionals
  • CUSTOM•FIT™ earmold labs
  • Earmold labs and their preferred providers of Musicians Earplugs™
  • Adopt-a-Band Advocates, Adopters and Affiliates
  • Hearing wellness associations and educators


Dealers are retail dealers who specialize in merchandising Etymotic products in a direct-to-consumer or direct-to-business operation. Retail dealers operate as e-commerce or brick-and-mortar entities.

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Hearing Solutions Providers

Hearing Solutions Providers are licensed hearing professionals committed to total family hearing wellness by offering the full line of hearing solutions from Etymotic Research. Hearing Solutions Providers advocate for hearing protection and are their community's resource for hearing education and awareness. They may participate in the CUSTOM•FIT™ Network.

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Authorized Earmold Laboratories

Authorized Earmold Laboratories undergo a rigorous biannual re-certification procedure to make custom molds for Musicians Earplugs™ and other Etymotic hearing solutions. Each lab adheres to strict manufacturing processes to ensure quality and uniform performance. Authorized earmold labs maintain preferred networks of hearing professionals who take high-quality ear impressions.

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