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Bill RayBill Ray

Musician/Drummer/Web/PR/Internet Developer - RDG, Mike Watson, The Blitz Bros., various, studio, etc.


Bill Ray pretty much showed up on this plane of existence with sticks in his hands. Born into an hypercreative family of photographers, musicians and scientists, at 15 months old would would stumble upon his father's drums.

Since then, he has gone on to reside/play in over 20 countries, played on 150+ albums including Ike Turner's 2007 Grammy-Award winning "Risin' With The Blues".

Bill is currently living in Southern California and plays with Instrumental Guitar Rock Fusion Trio RDG.

"The Etymotic MC3 headphones sound amazing and fit perfectly. I cannot imagine going into a session or gig without them. They are my 'Ear Goggles'. Thanks for making such a great product!"
Website: Bill Ray Drums Website: RDG Rocks
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