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Etymotic Research hf2 Headset Recognized as Best iPhone Accessory

First hands-free, stereo headset with personalized earmolds garners top accessory nod to popular music phone from Apple

Elk Grove Village, IL - June 22, 2009 - Etymotic Research, the original inventor of noise-isolating, high fidelity in-ear earphones, today announced that Macworld UK has honored their new hf2 CUSTOM•FIT™ headset with its prestigious iPhone Accessory of the Year award. Combining industry-leading fidelity with the first off-the-shelf customized earphone program, the custom version of the hf2 further addresses consumers' growing demand for quality sound, comfort and hands-free telephony capabilities. The hf2 and hf2 CUSTOM•FIT are compatible with the new Apple® iPhone™ 3G S that went on sale Friday.

Launched in 2008, the hf2 features noise-isolating eartips that block out more noise than bulky, battery-powered noise-canceling headphones. Designed with high-definition drivers and outfitted with a built-in, high-sensitivity microphone for voice calls, the hf2 became a worldwide hit, riding the wave of the popular Apple iPhone that merged music player and phone functionality.

In the nation's capitol this week, where he is discussing hearing protection at the MENC inaugural Music Education Week in Washington, Mead Killion, Ph.D., Etymotic's president remarked, "We're pleased that the industry is beginning to recognize the benefits of noise-isolating earphones. Peer-reviewed research studies prove that when external noise is blocked, people choose lower, safer listening levels," continued Killion. "This has become increasingly important as consumers are listening to their music players for longer periods of time."

This year Etymotic partnered with ACS, the premier U.K. developer of custom earmolds and monitors for musicians, to create a custom version of the hf2 headset. A video overview of the custom version of the hf2 can be found at ../video/hf2customfit.swf.

Pioneering technology for safer mobile listening

Etymotic designed the first noise-isolating, high fidelity in-ear earphones. This technology, originally developed for clinical hearing testing and auditory research, ultimately gained popularity with audiophiles and sound engineers who demanded accurate sound reproduction.

Preservation of hearing is a large part of Etymotic's mission, and eliminating outside noise while listening to music players and mobile phones leads to safer listening levels. The hf2 is Etymotic's 5th generation of earphones that use this technology.

Not lost on the voters of the Macworld award was the unmatched sound quality of the hf2. "All of our headsets and earphones are carefully designed to deliver the most accurate, unaltered sound of any earphone today," said audiologist Dr. Gail Gudmundsen, sales and marketing director for Etymotic.

The hf2 CUSTOM•FIT is available exclusively at Apple stores in the UK. While Etymotic is exploring bringing the CUSTOM•FIT to North America, hf2 is available worldwide through Apple, Amazon®, other retailers and Etymotic Research online. The hf2 is also compatible with most Blackberry® Smartphones, such as Curve™, Storm™, and Bold™.

The name "Etymotic" (pronounced "et-im-oh-tik") means "true to the ear" in ancient Greek. Currently, Etymotic Research holds over 100 patents issued and pending on in-ear earphones, hearing devices and hearing protection products. The name "hf2" stands for "high fidelity + hands-free."

About Etymotic Research

Etymotic Research designs and manufactures products that measure, improve and protect hearing. For over 25 years, Etymotic has remained the world leader in high-fidelity, noise-isolating, in-ear technology. Chicago-based Etymotic Research creates products used by musicians and others who insist on superior sound quality. For more information about Etymotic Research and its products visit

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